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We supply all the fishing gear and tackle.


What you need to bring:


        Minnesota fishing license Either a seasonal license with a Trout Stamp or a 24-hour license. 
24-hour licenses are available for purchase at the boat.
Resident - $11.00
Non-resident - $13.00
A Trout Stamp is not required with a 24-hour license

        If you want to wear (or have your children wear) a life jacket that is comfortable please bring them.  I have required ones on board but they are not very comfy.


        Soft-soled shoes (no boots or black shoes)


        Plan for weather extremes it can be cold on the lake even if it's warm on shore and it can be hot on the lake if it's sunny with no breeze.  If you dress in layers you can always take something off.


        Raingear (hopefully not required).  There is also plenty of cover on the boat and in the cabin.


        Sun block (hopefully required).  Please bring only lotion types as sprays can damage electronics screens and get on fishing gear.


       Insect repellent Flies can be pesky at certain times of the year.  Again only lotion types.




        Refreshments & Snacks (beer and alcohol permitted in moderation)




        Cooler to transport fish (fish cleaning is included)


        Credit cards or check accepted


Captain Mark Buettner


Last updated on 2/10/15